Snackin' in the USA

Snackin' in the USA

Snackin' in the USA is a sweet program for all groups

All items are only $7 dollars.

 everyone can afford to support your fundraiser.

Something tasty and delicious for anyone in this program.

26 different snacks @ $7 dollars each.

Chocolate Covered Almonds- Crisp almonds and smooth chocolate-a delectable duet.

Hawaiian Delight- A tropical assortment of sweetened banana chips, raw shelled sunflower seeds, dark raisins, flaky coconut, piapple wedges, and papaya.

Salsa Mix- A delicious new mix that will pair well with your favorite beverage - salsa peanuts, taco sesame sticks, toasted corn kernels, cheddar sesame sticks, pepitas, and mini sesame chips.

Plus many more!

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Who can resist nuts, candies and snacks? All for just $7 each.